Friday, June 10, 2016

Mine Children of the Universal Trust

Mine blessed children of the Universal Trust I have been given by the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment Paradise. . .

For as I can stimulate in you that necessary cooperation and collaboration with Me .. it is My intention to raise upwards into Ascendancy 300 to 500 new Ascended Masters to join our planetary administration and to initiate their personal progression into the higher worlds of exquisite Beauty .. unending limitless Goodness .. and Unfathomable Truth which knows no bounds.

For all to walk with Me into the Kingdom of Sovereignty

Ye are to unfold gradually .. growing thine character into the Eternal Virtues and Values .. the Universal Meanings and Purposes.

Remembrance of the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit unfolds the seeker into an aspirant of Our Atonement Ideal. His Virtues and Values grow and mature receptivity into relationship .. relationship on every level of our shared Being together.

The Virtues and Values prepare the personality mind to emerge from the cocoon of the soil of the earth to become soul reborn .. and this very soul rebirth is tbe enhanced receptivity of Our relationship in the Comforter Spirit of My Person.
This relationship then opens the avenues of our discipleship together. We do this together as a Mutuality of Discipleship .. of Collaboration and Convergence of the many variables that do come together to give the disciple aid and refreshment .. resuscitation and inner personal revelation. Insight grows with abundance in our discipleship .. for ye are giving honor and respect and obedience to the Universal Father and His Protocols of Advancement.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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