Monday, May 2, 2016

The Unwaveringly Determined Mind

Thou Absolute Father .. the One Initiatory Life of God I AM... expand thy glory and honor .. secure thine power and perfection in me, through me, by me, for me, and as Me.

Establish thine everpresent and omnipresent .. imminent .. Kingdom of light and life upon the earth.

Invitation and Impregnation Powers of Authority:
"I AM Crystalline White Fire Love Absolute Perfection from Above."

Apply daily with a firm demand .. an absolute confidence of faith conviction .. and the determination of your trusting expectations .. the Power of Invitation and Impregnation.

Know in your Heart that as you ask for the Kingdom of His Consciousness in good faith and absolute trust to expand in you .. then, you are activating the protocol of the Universes.

Thine Father Son Spirit through their emissaries will respond to you as you demonstrate the mastery of unwaveringly strong determination and dedication.

The Father's Initiatory Thought and Life is your Life.

The Father Son's Comforter Spirit of Truth I AM is surrounding you and accessible to guide and teach you all Truth and Loving Faith.

The Preparatory Act of God the Spirit and His Universe Mother expression is the all-permeating Ocean of Primordial Fire and Luminous Power.

She comes to you as you invite Her through the Planetary Ascended Host.

I AM the Michael of Nebadon who has come here and now to illuminate thine way .. truth .. and everlasting life.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Michael Of Nebadon Publication Trust

Trinity Endowment Trust of Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington Trust Worldwide

Kumara Yoga College of Salvington

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