Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Third Tenet of our Universal Ideal

Our third tenet of the Threefold Atonement Ideal and Trust .. you are lear ing to work with the First Source and Center .. the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father.

You are becoming trained and groomed for master in His Life. You are maturing g to become accountable to Him in the righteous use of your free will authority.

All that you create with your thoughts and feelings and attentions by setting into movement vibratory activities .. you are solely accountable for returning to Him thise energies of His Life at some certain point in time and space. When you bring g harmony to all His energies, then you balance all 'karmic' imbalances .. and you step forth into Universal Citizenship.

And as ye reap what ye have sown with your creative nature and faculties, so must ye resow all things back into His Immaculate Conception .. His Pure Consciousness.

I teach thee the correct and highest use of your free will faculties. You are learning of the Sevenfold Powers of Authority that are yours by right and by design .. by ability that you already possess .. and by powers that you've been gifted with from the very beginning of your creation as an individual personality.

The Seventh Power of Authority is Invitation Power.  This is .. once again .. your capacity to command your freedom and mastery from all lesser qualities and habitual tendencies.

Invitation Power. . .

I AM the Purest Pink Flame of Absolute Love .. God's Gentle Word of Grace from Above.

Breathe into your field of life the emanations of the Father's Initiatory Life as you command your freedom. 

Welcome this radiation of the planetary administration of the Host of Heaven to come and supplement your own direct attunement and communion with the Spirit of God in and enfolding you. You are becoming in consciousness this Spirit of His Bestowal.  You are clearing your debts and mastering the force of God thou art.

I am come into thine midst. I am the formless Spirit Personality of Michael Of this Nebadon Universe.

I surround thee as thine guide and teacher of Absolute Love and Purity .. Truth and Mercy. 

I reveal thy Selfhood to all who will discard their personal psychological defensiveness .. the Way .. the Truth .. and the Life .. of God the Father.

I AM Father Son Personified for this particular universal schemata of creation. I serve immaculately at one with the Infinite Spirit Universe Mother Holy Spirit and the Host of Heaven.

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