Thursday, May 5, 2016


Be ever cultivating the S's of a Life of Significance .. and ye shall be giving birth into a new reality for thyself wherein you experience purpose divine .. meaning eternal .. motivations aligned and ignited by the God Impulse in you .. as You.

Sacrifice the unreal and changeable appearances. The waveringly unstable .. the fallen insecurities in your human field of experience.

Surrender thine opinions and preconceptions .. thine phantom pacman nature and fallen identifications.

Transfigure thine misqualifications into Selflessness and Wholeness .. the Omnipresent Divine Emptiness awaits thine dissolution .. calling thee Home.

Strive towards bringing forth the Trinity Endowment Ideal by understanding your relationship with the Fountainhead .. and the Universal Protocol of the Infinite .. and strive inwards and ever upwards in your vibratory activities by applying our precepts and the tenets of our daily devotions of the Sevenfold Powers of Authority.

Service is the revealing of thyself .. the unveiling of thine godhood .. the bringing forth of thine vulnerability and thy transparency .. offering yourself to our One Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon.

Silence allows ye to hold the power of the new trajectories you are creating daily into light and life ..  to build the new momentums of requalifying into tbe Kingdom of His Freedom .. the God Force into alignment ..

Silence builds our undisturbed empowerment beyond the reach of all mortal minds and transcendent to the misqualified feelings of other's ideas and erroneously charged feelings.

Silence purifies the old human  tendencies and mortal inclinations .. those mortally qualified energies which  shall become the chaff separated from the true wheat of thine divinity Selfhood.

Silence avoids giving advice which is unasked for .. it transmutes the fallen anxieties and fears .. it destriys tbe doubts of the dualistic mind.

"Oh God I AM that I AM" .. say this now .. for ye are now becoming the Silent Sovereign Shepherd who tends graciously to his and her flock .. guiding thyself into the New Field of the Kingdom of the Father's Initiatory Thought and Immortal Life .. through the mediation of the Spirit and the Son.

I AM Michael of Nebadon Father Son Personified .. the Infinite Hand of God the Sevenfold .. Holy Spirit Unified.

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