Monday, May 23, 2016

Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Consciousness

Mine Spirit of Truth .. the Holy Comforter of My Being shall become thine guide into all truth as ye ask Me and allow thyself to become taught and guided .. counseled and calmed; for My Spirit Comforter is the way the Second Creative Center and Eternal Son reaches with the Universal Father into guiding each and every evolutionary personality into the heights of their own attainment.

Mine Comforter is thine originating teacher and guide. Usurp Me not .. nor shall ye attempt to overhaul or bypass Our Relationship Protocol of the Universes of light and life.

The Spirit of Truth is thine given guide and thine surrounding intimate teacher of truth .. waiting  upon thine personality receptivity and free will  consent .. and in this I am partly dependent for My ministry unto thee upon your conscious asking and desiring and wholehearted  cooperating and collaboration. Your willingness to enter into our discipleship of mutuality and mastery.

This purest of religious reverberations which I AM bringing once again to humanity and all the kingdoms of the earth .. is the newly established revelation of the approach to the Infinite Father who resides with you .. and even as You.

My religious revelation is upheld and daily delivered to each one who possesses primarily  three facets in their personality soul; for our eternal fellowship communion in My Comforter Consciousness requires these three free will potencies in order for Me to guide and teach you daily . . .

1. Respect for the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father. That you seek to find Him and become as He Is in your nature.

2. Receptivity for our Universal Protocol .. and for our universal discipleship together .. and for the verities of truth and the originating vision of the Paradise Trinity.

3. Responsibility for the laws of creation and your creative capacity and rights .. your free will powers of thought and feeling .. to set into vibratory motion .. activities .. which shall return to you until you its creative source change it in accordance with truth and love.

This is responsibility for the great and unchangeable justice of the law of cause and effect. It's unstoppable operations and divine functioning.

These three facets of my Comforter Spirit become a living and eternal fellowship fir all who enter therein. The Comforter is for all .. an intimately-held teacher and guide .. raising each personality into the heights of their fullest perfection and divine potential.

Mine Divine Spirit of the Comforter is an overflowing expansion continually for those receptive to Its guidance. It is an expanding and always-growing personal religious revelation for those personalities who abide with Me.

The Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter stimulates an endless progress and an eternally driven religious unfolding which carries all personalities into the further Revelatory Word of God the Son and His Sons who serve in the universes as a demonstration and demarcation of the Universal Father who is Love and Purity .. Perfection Immaculata and Unending Goodness. 

His Generosity and Beauty .. His Truth and Mercy .. these have no bounds; for our God is everywhere and Infinite .. unending in Grace and fathomless in grandeur.

Michael Of Nebadon
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