Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thine Eternal Embers Shall become Ignited in our Fellowship

I come giving Mine Eternal Waters unto those who know thirst .. I make no mockery of him and her who hath suffered and struggled to find stability and security .. order and obedience. I come to teach men and women the ways of eternity; that our universe of Nebadon is overflowing in goodness .. truth .. beauty .. and forgiveness.

I come to reveal the character and divine nature of the Father's Initiatory Life .. His Mercy and Care .. His Everpotent Life which exists everywhere simultaneously.

That the Father Mother Source hath a mercy and grace beyond mankind's ability to understand. That whosoever wanteth a light eternal must simply ask and make themselves readied .. prepared .. open and willing to receive.

I say to thee with the mind made ready to learn and grow .. that man and woman perisheth only in that they elect to perish by their wanton ways of unworthiness and unwillingness.  That as ye are cultivating a character of kindness and long-suffering .. compassion and forgiveness of one another .. so shall ye find your way into Mine Universal Bosom.

... for He or she who transgresseth our lawful ideals .. they do discover themselves to be in a poverty which hath no boundaries. They do disgrace themselves unto abomination and blindness .. even deafness and muteness.

The cycle cometh upon humankind.  The end of all gropings and blunderings in the darkness is at its end.

Presently .. arise a mighty whirlwind of changes for the individual personality .. wherein those who see nor the Divinity in themselves and all others .. and who fail to gather their respect for the Life of God thou art .. they shall forthwith be cast from their place in authority. The world systems shall be disrupted in their systemic sickness.

Mine great instruction cometh presently upon the heels of vengeance .. taken into heart by those whose ways of wantonness have ground themselves into the darkness of lowered vibratory activities. 

I bid thee to arouse thine passions for the Unchangeable Absolute Truth. Rise upwards in character and attitude .. consciousness and the unveiling of courage.

Clothe thine heart's mantle in this undeniable Truth and Love .. so that ye perform no unworthy deed nor acts towards thine brethren .. thine fellows .. during this changing of the guard of the lesser for the grander opportunities at one with the Father’s Primordial Consciousness.

I am Michael of this Universe come to stir the embers of thine ways .. thine sight .. thine motivations and ministrations.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Michael Of Nebadon Publication Trust

Trinity Endowment Trust of Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington Trust Worldwide

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