Saturday, March 5, 2016

Come and Enter Our Stream of Illuminated Grace

It is My sincere and great privilege to be of help and aid those personalities who desire God more fully in their lives.

I cheer you onwards and upwards to take back your authority of righteousness in free will .. and change the momentums of the past lifetimes.

Invite the Preparatory Act of the Infinite Spirit and his Universe Mother expression. Build upon her Virtues and Values.

You each have been very receptive and respectful and learning to give your responsibility to all you've set into motion. This is good .. it is bold and courageous .. and these great acts of Courage and your Conviction will continue to give you strength and durability .. Confidence and Clarity.

Now .. you are entering into your discipleship with Me .. with the Second Source of the Eternal Son and His Sons. You are opening to become engaged with the Comforter Spirit .. and with Mine disciplines of Truth and Love.

You are growing character straight and tall so that your ascent into light has wings which will allow you to fly.

You are growing into an exceptional self honesty and humility to face yourself in your lesser nature .. to constructively confront thyself in all ways.  To even proactively call forth out of your consciousness those misqualifications which have held you back for certain lifetimes prior to this current time.

You are breaking through the material mind and it's games of unconsciousness and it's projections of misidentification and irresponsibility .. ye are arising with greater power and the momentums of the Father Son Spirit .. shepherding thyself into very definite personal empowerments by allowing the vibratory emanation of the Universal Father to reach you .. cleanse you .. Refine your purpose and meaning .. you are walking in the science and art of reembracing the darkness of those certain vibratory emanations within you that have been inadvertently acting in your life to keep you small and unaware.

Now you are arising .. oh My children .. My brothers and sisters .. My very Selfhood Universal.  You are emerging into those sons and daughters of His Purified Supremacy.

I bid you each to maintain thine focused attention upon the reality of God the great and good Father of us all. Stand tall and loom large by giving more of your human mortal life to the Infinite Absolute.

Remembrance of Him in each moment shall bring you recognition and reconstruction. 

Remembrance shall cause to quiver and shake loose the barnacles of the lesser vibratory qualities.

Remembrance of the One Unwavering Unchangeable Unnameable God shall adjust who you believe yourself to be. It shall alter every inch of your human circuitry into Our Universal Fellowship.

Remembrance in every moment of Who animates thee .. Who motivates thine efforts .. Who provides you with His Life Energies and Intelligence and Power of Will and Wonder .. this shall cleanse thine inward motivations into the universal  collaboration with Us.

Remembrance of the One Pure Absolute shall cause to become transfigured all opinions and assumptions of error and unrighteousness in you .. and in the collective field of your humanity.

Remembrance will open your realizations into revelation and the unveiling of your Self Identity; for it is merely the vibratory activities of error and misqualification that hold you in the intellectual imprisonment of concepts that are humanly derived and erroneously driven.

Come all regardless of your plight of circumstances and your mistakes of olden times.

Come all who desire to break the chains of thine conceptual imprisonment in human lethargy and attitudes of laziness and hesitation. These are merely the mists of the early morning dew still hanging upon thine atmospheric consciousness.

Come into Our Universal Caress .. and ye shall become the inheritors of the Absolute Purity of Our Mercy and Forgiveness...

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu

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