Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Eros of God

Love hath a thousand million forms, in that every form known unto man is the unfoldment .. the actualizing expression of the Initiatory Thought of the Father.

Conceptualize Love .. not as emotion nor affection. Neither is Love the attractive force having its root in sexuality or eros. Love is the great integrator .. as I have shared with thee. All that is .. and was .. and ever shall be .. is Love.

Love is creation. It is the bonding of the omnipresence of ether into coagulation of substance. It is the weaving together of atoms and molecules through the potent reconstructive powers of attention and awareness .. focused thought and feeling; for you are the Universe localized with creative powers and authorities given to you .. and still emerging from out of thy beingness.

Love ties together .. it's power .. weaves together the particles of eternity into visible manifest creation. It is the bringing together of thought conceived and impressed upon the omnipresence .. the ethers .. that occurs through Love.

When ye love in human ways .. ye do stir the ethers into creation. Ye bring forth a bonding with your chosen object of admiration and acknowledgement. For this reasoning .. love the Father .. bring Him together with thy mortality. Adore His Purity Absolute .. His Immaculate Immortality. Weave with His Immortal Substance a new order of being for thyself.

Placing thine focused loving upon Him shall generate for you His Perfection and Purity. Ye shall become that which ye have worshipped with the instrumentality of thine thought awareness. Love creates. Love encompasses everything creative. It provides the alchemy of coalescing the unmanifest into visible sights.

Love is the great mammoth creative force that is in eternity on every plane of existence. .. in every conceivable corner of the universes; for it hath no beginning no ending. Love is an infinite substance beyond words .. yet.. this one force .. we call it .. Love.

Love hath no substance .. yet it possesseth all substance within itself. Eternal benefaction is Love. It is limitless force and unending grandeur.

Love calls thee forth to create. Hatred .. judgment .. and other misqualified conditions in the minds of creatures .. these do cause ye disintegration and destruction within the molecular structure. Atomic particles will not adhere to other particles .. and .. as such .. causes disintegration and degeneration and disease in the individual's consciousness and existence. As ye love .. ye generate the highest vibratory activities of Absolute Purity .. while expanding the Perfection of the Kingdom; for God only .. I say .. He only .. Loves .. Is Love.

Create and ye do love; hate and speak unkindly and act with hatred in thine heart .. and ye do destroy. Think ye well on this I have shared.

Love and ye create. Destroy and ye do hate. All hatreds .. every subtle againstness brings disintegrating momentums which accumulate .. and ye do destroy. Yet .. Love is the One Primordial Fire. When ye invite Love through the influence of our Universal Protocol of Father Son Spirit .. ye are acting in righteousness and honor .. acting as the governorship and the Self Directive Governing Agent of creation. Ye are co-creation with the power and substance of the Primordial Father Spirit .. and this is your great curriculum and learning upon the earth.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter

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