Saturday, January 2, 2016

Create thine Field for His Grace Comes Swiftly

Contemplation of the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia is the very first step to prepare the field for planting the seeds.

A Daily Watering of thine field coupled with the warming nourishment of the sun's rays  comes each and every day with the Embracing Eternity Exercises.

Contemplate .. the Virtues of Worship .. Wisdom .. Counsel .. Courage .. Understanding .. Knowledge. These do till the soil making it nutrient rich to absorb the Water of the Father Son Life and the Sun of Intelligence Wisdom.

And as the soil becomes tilled and planted with the seeds of great promise .. the good farmer cometh to further prepare his field with Mine Comforter Spirit of Truth.

In these Universal ways .. the Presiding Father's Life takes greater hold to allow the very Life Vegetation to appear.

The Father's Life flourishes when the field is thusly prepared and readied. He easily penetrates thine mind and body; for the weeds and deadly brush have been removed by the authority of thine individual personality. He cometh .. growing all things imperceptibly overnight and into the dew laden mists of the early morning feedings.

Our Sovereign Discipleship together shall raise thine field of density and darkness into a tempered field of greater receptivity and nutrient rich elasticity .. openness .. patience and perseverance. Thine character shall be of our universal righteousness and honor.

We proceed along the illuminated highways of ascent .. one small and apparently insignificant step at a time until the disciple lifts their head to realize that they have cleared their own journey of all the destructive debris of the past .. and they have established the fortifying .. deepening .. reciprocal link to the Primordial Absolute.

I embrace thee upon the field of thine existence.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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