Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thine Fullness of Peace Arises

To understand your creations in thought and feeling;  for this is the beginning stages of accountability and an all-consuming Love for God.

I have given to you My way and truth .. I have offered the light of knowledge and awareness.

Humanity continues onward .. yet not upward. They are stalled by the assumptions of seeing themselves as further advanced than they are.

The race is hypnotically walking with little development having occurred for individuals and the society. It is a sad observation to hold in My sight.

Ye are designed for progressive developments .. and an unending unfoldment. Yet .. the plague of arrogance and immature .. impatience and improprieties throttle thine walk towards the Kingdom of His Righteousness .. His Sovereignty .. His Consciousness.

Arise beloveds .. take up thine cross of misqualification. Gather thine steam in devotions and dedication. Harness thine authority to create. Believe not your own opinions and assumptions gathered from bodily feelings and generalizations that you arrive at. Question all things taking place within you. Inquire with thine discerning heart and thy purified mind.

Be thou walking with certainty and confidence .. conviction and trust faith in the Life .. the Primordial Fire of the Father's Life imminently present in you .. and as your fullest Selfhood.

Michael of Nebadon

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