Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Society of Sovereign Shepherds

The shepherds who tend to My flock are made worthy of this service through their discipleship to our Ideal.

They hear Mine Voice and respect our everlasting fellowship.

They are weaving themselves daily into the Circuit of our Universal Protocol through the disciplines of their own Sevenfold Authority of the Embracing Eternity Exercises of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are they who honor Mine Word; for these instructions and their accompanying vibratory radiation are Manna from the Second Center and Source of the Eternal Son. His administration I do serve; for He is the Revelatory Word of God who illuminates the divine highways of ascent out from the evolutionary worlds.

The Father is the Initiatory Thought of the Immaculate Conception.  He holds you each in this sight only. As you become real and true .. by being immersed within Truth .. Absolute Purity and His Immaculate Immortality .. then do you walk across the chasm of materiality and darkness. Then do you overcome the world through your acceptance of our Association .. and your discipleship with the Word I AM.

Then .. shall ye become real in the sight of the Universal Father.

And it is the Second Center and Source of the One Deity who administers this Initiatory Thought.  The Eternal Son is the Revelatory Word of the One Absolute and Infinite God. They send their Sons outwards from the Central Core of 'Paradise' to be the Initiatory Thought made visible and personal. This beloveds is the Order of Michael.

The Originating Son and His Sons are meant .. birthed .. and designed .. to illuminate and demonstrate the Way .. the Truth .. and the Initiatory Thought and  Immaculately Conceived Life of Perfection for all to grasp and attain to.

And in our administering of this One Primordial Thought .. we partner with the Preparatory Act of the Spirit and His personalization of Himself as the Universe Mother Spirit  .. the Holy Spirit of the universes. She is this Preparatory Act of creative encircuitry for all individuals arising out from the beginning worlds of progress. She weaves into each human mind her Spirit Virtues in order to begin the mind's fertilization .. enhancing the mind's receptivity for the higher meanings .. the fuller long-term purpose .. the mind's motivations and hungers to create the additional values of the soul with the guidance and influence of My very own Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which I am able to pour out and make known to you according to your responsiveness .. your respectfulness .. your receptivity and reciprocal recognition of discovering God within the Flame of your own Life Impulse .. giving to Him your allegiance and attention .. your all-commitment .. and adoration .. your all-consuming love and devotion .. your appreciation for the Life gift of your existence as a personality mind and individual with Infinite potential to emerge.

These are the fruits of the Mother's Spirit Virtues upon the evolutionary minds; the fruit-bearing experience of Truth and the validations of your deep conviction of faith trust feelings for a universe that is overflowing with goidness, truthfulness, and beauty. The birthing of your Divine  fertility, as you become born again within  Mine Influences of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth surrounding you and walking you into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu


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