Monday, December 21, 2015

Our Infinite Bread of Eternal Life

Be thou ever and anon with the thought of your Eternal Father who resides within you in every second.

Imagine with the Invisioning of your faith and trust .. His Presence dwells directly above you in slightly higher vibratory levels. He extends to you the Infinite flow of His Life to allow you to think and feel and act. His is the Intelligence and Power that is animating the physical world and all creatures including you.

Think not to be independent from Him; for this idea is an impossibility. Do think .. how you can forge a clearer relationship with Him as you practice My Kingdom Ideal .. the Embracing Eternity Exercises of your Sevenfold Authority.

Each day you are meant to shake away the density .. rubbing thine precious eyes which give you sight .. and caressing the ears which allow you to hear. Loving yourself  .. and your physical expression and appearance is an act of consecration and collaboration with the force of the Universal Father's Life. Loving all that arises in you and around you in your surroundings is an act of greatest mercy and forgiveness when you perceive your part in its creation.

These are the phases of becoming astute in our Beatific Vision and Ideal .. towards expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Divine Supremacy in you and through you as a physical creature.

I come to make the blind to see truth and love .. and to allow the deaf to hear mercy and forgiveness .. to bring healing to the dumbfounded and confused ones of your civilization who seek for consoling and find not .. who yearn for relief and satisfaction .. yet taste not the elixir of our Infinite Bread of Life .. the Father's Manna from the Heavens .. and through the merciful ministrations of Our Universal Administration which is operating in and throughout the Planetary Host of Heaven.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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