Saturday, December 19, 2015

Daily Beatific Ideal Establishes Immortality

The Authority of Invitation coupled with Invisioning and Impregnation and Identification in asking the Planetary Host Administration to extend to you their radiation of the Universe Mother Holy Spirit.

"I AM Pure Violet Consuming Mercy Quickening Sacred Fire Love. "

In applying daily thine Sevenfold Powers to the Embracing Eternity Exercises .. you are gradually fulfilling the prerequisites for the fusion of the Eternal Embrace of Universe Citizenship.

Combine these Seven Eyes (The I's of Transfiguration) to expand the Kingdom during your daily mundane chores and tasks where you find the freedom to apply your mind and heart towards our Beatific Ideal. 

Apply daily these free will powers of your authority. Be thou patient and allow the new Momentumizing influences of perseverance and purity to unfold in you.

Contemplate the Six Cardinal Beatitudes .. the Spirit Virtues and Eternal Values of the Universe Mother Spirit and Her Circuits within our local universe.

These Nine Cardinal Virtues develop a mind from the rudimentary Cosmic psyche  levels of concrete tangible thinking in extremes and conflicted polarities into the more unified and direct thought of higher mind which holds the capacity for Faith Trust Invisioning to unfold into divine insight and spirit perception of the abstract .. the unknowable .. and the intangibles beyond the physical and biological sensory apparatus.

The Universe Mother Spirit and Her Circuitry of Spirit Virtues develop thine mind into a field of receptivity to the surrounding bestowal of My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Spirit Bestowal of the Father's Kingdom.

The Universe Mother Spirit Cardinal Virtues:


Now .. are ye beginning to possess the requisites of mind fertilization .. as your values, meanings, and purposes, are spiritualizing and refining in adherence with our Beatific Vision and Ideal.

Enter then .. into fellowship with Me through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter surrounding thee and always saying to you "Walk thou with Me child .. into all truth and understanding freedom .. as you cultivate these Secondary Beatitudes of the Spirit of Truth and our association together:

1. The A's of Adoration and Acknowledgement ...

2. The C's of Cooperation and Consecration ...

3. The D's of Discipleship and Dedication ...

4. The M's of Mastery and Magnification ...

5. The P's of Perfection and Persistence ...

6. The R's of Revelation and Remembrance ...

7. The S's of Sanctification and Selflessness ...

8. The U's of Understatement and Ubiquity ...

9. The V's of Victorious Valor and Everlasting Valuation ...

These are Our Beatitudes .. opening you to collaborate within the Divine Circuitry of the Universal Absolute Protocol.

Now, are ye being made ready for thine inheritance by claiming your Divine Authority in the Embracing Eternity Exercises and Sevenfold Powers of Authority.

The Seven Eyes which cause a revelation to occur in Our Sovereign Discipleship:


I bid of thee to attend to thine soul garden. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter

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