Monday, November 9, 2015

Yoga Asanas of Our Consciousness

Our Asanas of Consciousness are the ways you hold your consciousness in relationship with the Universal Father Son Spirit. The approach that I am offering to you each in drawing down into your human experience the Primordial Fire of Love by which ye shall prepare to receive, receive, and distribute and radiate this Fire of His Omnipotence in your service and expressionful offerings.

You may wish to perceive the three Infinite Persons of the Trinity as .. the Initiatory Thought (Father), the Revelatory Word (Son), and the Preparatory Act (Spirit); for as above so below, as at the Central Core, so shall it be throughout the periphery of existence.

The great Causeless Cause of all things is the Perfect Thought and the Creative Source of all Thoughtstreams. Everything is really Thought coming into the Immaculate Conceiving of His Perfect Thought.

The Eternal Mother Son of the Second Person of Trinity Absolute is the very same Deity Absolute who has now made Itself to reveal this Perfect Originating Thought, and is set upon revealing this One Immaculate Thought to all the creatures and worlds of creation. The Infinite Originating Son is the first revelation of this Perfect Thought in Personality Absolutism and this Second Source is the great and Perfect Administrator bringing this Thought into creation - creating the universes and administering and nurturing this creation through the Sons and Daughters of the Three Persons of Infinity.

The Spirit is the immaculate Act of the One Deity .. taking this Thought and Its Perfect Wordful Expression and Administration .. and preparing the creatures of the evolutionary worlds, as well as all soul personalities and even spirit personalities in the universes .. for the evolutionary attainment of actualizing this One Perfect Thought of the Universal Father Absolute.

Hence...are we each playing our role and part in the actualization of all potentials on every level of the universes.

Michael Sananda Esu​
Michael Of Nebadon

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