Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Salvington College Preparatory

At Salvington Preparatory, you are working primarily with the Preparatory Act of the Third Person of Paradise and His personalization as the Universe Mother Spirit. You are bringing into your embodiment the beatitudes of Her Spirit Virtues, making these come alive as the values of your existence, expanding Our Ideal of Eternity in you, through you, for you, by you, .. and as You.

...and as these beatitudes or attitudes of being come alive in thee, you formulate a life built upon the rock of Spirit.

The Beatitudes of the Mother - her Virtues become Values for your lifetimes of existence. Virtues and Values create the receptacle of the Soul; for the Soul is an outgrowth and added value to the mortal mind of personality. The Soul is the facilitator mind and midway consciousness between the limitless Spirit of Bestowal destiny and the mortal limited viewpoints of awareness and existence.

These Virtues and Values are the foundational aspects of the Soul Receptacle which prepare the personality mind and soul for our fellowship through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of our association together. Mine Spirit brings the Verities into your existence .. the eternal unchanging truths of faith conviction and subline trust and cooperation, a collaboration with the Universal Bestowal Spirit of your destiny. 

In Mine Spirit, I begin the transformative alchemy of elevating and refining the personality mind from its field of density and destructive tendencies into the living field of receptivity, and this new field of consciousness is the prerequisite for entering into the Kingdom of My Father Mother God by taking upon thine selfhood a new order of being, a new name of eternal capacity and empowerment, a new level of creative service and responsibilities, a new and higher participation in our universal administration.

Hence, the Mother's Virtues and Values are coupled with My own Spirit Verities, and these do blossom the pure disciple into directly personal Validations through superintuition of the instincts brought into their rightful spiritualization process. And this superintuition becometh for thee .. a renewal of mind into the higher perspective and the higher life .. the divine insight unfolds in thee, and the great spirit perception of the Mind of Wholeness guides thine way into truth and life everlasting.


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