Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Beatific Ideal is Humanity's New Vision

Remember thou gods and goddesses of infinite promise and potential .. the fallen  strategies of egoism .. of the lower mind of bodily mortality .. it is built upon spiritual blindness and an outwardly centered manipulation rather than accountability for thine Creative Authority .. the fallen mind is geared towards a control of the feelings because this brings perpetual superficial outer motion .. and the ego mind likes this continual movement of the senses keeping the personality away from the Absolute Truth of Righteousness and Identity with the Divine One..

This ego and fallen selfhood is a vibratory superimposition of misqualifications and erroneous momentums which is motivated towards rationalizing it's feelings away .. justifying it's actions and behaviors with a quick defensiveness .. avoiding it's pain by seeking the outer sensual pleasures and short term desires for quick solutions which avoid actually surrendering this ego into the God Self.

It coerces the personality in denying any  responsibility for its effectual outer and inner surroundings .. excusing itself from all destructive experiences that come it's way through blaming and shaming .. and yet .. taking responsibility for all the good and beautiful and true that is created.

As True Shepherds of the Kingdom of God .. ye are called forth to identify these ephemeralities of falsehood .. as a Shepherd of the Father you are strengthened to turn yourself upwards into a pure Invocation of Worship through the Sacred A's .. the reaching for eternal Wisdom .. the building of Courageousness in your decisions and discernment to constructively confront thyself in all ways.

Seek to cultivate a godly righteousness of character by choosing these Virtues of the Mother.

Grow in the Virtues and Values of Understanding and Knowledge .. for only these shall set you into a permanent freedom in our Beatific Ideal .. the One Thought Ideal of the Universal Absolute Purity.

Open up thine considerations to allow My Counsel through the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My Heart .. and grow maturely and steadily in developing the higher divine centers of Superintuition, Divine Insight, and Spirit Perception.

Then.. shall you be opening the higher Mind of your Buddhahood .. your Christhood of His Supremacy. 

Through the Sevenfold Authority of Faith Invisioning .. this higher Mind of .. Superintuition and Divine Insight and Spirit Perception .. bring a renewal of the mortal limited thoughts and feelings .. and the material minded becomes .. thou burgeoning Sons and Daughters of Universal Citizenship ..  into a fuller living within the Mother’s Virtues and Values .. a realization and rejuvenation on all inner areas of your existence .. into the Eternal Verities of the Comforter Spirit .. the Plan and Will and promised destiny of the Universal Father.

Thine Soul is developing .. and there is a resurgence of greater receptivity for our reciprocal spiritual communion .. relationship with the Spirit of Bestowal blossoms well.

As you walk within My Hand .. Our Universal Protocol is being adhered to as you build these Virtues .. Values .. into Verifiable Verities .. you become emptied of all erroneous conditioning .. emptied of your own self created misidentities.

A Supreme Validation of Truth appears in your awareness .. and you find yourself walking into this immaculately conceived Victory of a fuller Union and Atonement with the Beatific Ideal of Father Son Spirit.

I walk with you .. surrounding you with My Presence.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael of Nebadon

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