Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sevenfold Authority Unveils the Seeds of Great Promise

It is essential that you each build this new momentum which grows thine character and elevates thine mind and heart. And ye shall attain to this through .. first .. transfiguring the old momentums.  Then you will have truly free will; for most all human beings have so misused their free will .. that there is no true will any longer. There is only the results of density and confusions.

Place all thine faith trust into the Vision of the Animating Force in you. Bring thine attention to this presiding spiritual force in you .. that breathes you .. and gives to thee Life.

Apply the Ideal of thy Sevenfold Authority.  It unveils all righteousness in the disciple who makes the effort towards liberation from their own self-perpetuated conditions. Reach upward and inwards to the Universal Father Absolute directly above thee. Give Him all acceptance and appreciation .. alignment and attention .. accountability and acknowledgement. Allowance of His Will to work itself out in you takes some time and focus.

Thine power to reach inward and upward to Him .. this is Invocation .. the purest form of giving .. worship!

Invocation is giving .. beloveds. Ye ask not .. neither seek to take from the Infinite.  Invocation is giving Him your allegiance and all-consuming devotions. Invocation Power brings you to the point of continuous convergence in Him.

Invocation Power of Pure Worship is the one and certain way to grow relationship with our Father God. It is your certainty.  It is your loyalty that enhances boldly .. receptivity and relationship.  Through this recognition and acknowledgement .. allegiance and adoration .. you grow your mortal framework into Our Immortal Purity which awaits your coming into maturity.

I come to reveal the way of Universal Citizenship for each and everyone who shall give their loving adoration to the Life of God Himself.

Michael Of Nebadon

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