Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Salvington College Preparatory

The beatitudes of the Universe Mother Spirit fertilize receptivity of mind and in purifying and refining character and personality decisions .. the fuller soul aspect of thyself is birthed out from these greater decisions and meaningful choices. The soul is an outgrowth of thy moral fabric of mind and heart .. values, meanings, and purpose in your will to live the Father's will .. expanding His Kingdom in you and throughout your field of life.

Universal Protocol is the way that the Three Persons of Infinite Deity comes into creation .. to experience this creation while retaining the Majesty of Love as It's fullness of expression. As you honor this Primordial Protocol .. you are given opportunities to grow and advance.

The Universal Protocol is the nervous system of Source .. It's arteries and nerves running throughout existence.

The Father's Circuit of creating personality and bestowal experiencings is the Circuit of this First Central Core.

The Originating Mother Son administers the First Source .. It's Perfect Thought .. through all creation. This administration is the divine gravitational pull upwards through the Word .. the Word is the first revelation of the Father's Thought.

While the Third Person of Trinity .. extends His Personalization into the universal orbs or units by creating extensions of Itself in the Infinite Mother Spirit.  She extends the actions of the Word of the Second Source.  She is the One Source in the universal orbs of creation which is the Source of mind for every evolving creature.

Her Spirit Virtues are sent outward at the beginning of a race civilization to weave a mindal garment of receptivity and respect for every personality mind.

These are the Protocol which must be honored by the citizens of the evolutionary worlds as they traverse the pathways of their journey and beyond.

Finally .. thine Sevenfold Authority of the Kingdom .. is your rights and abilities .. your powers and authorities as a child of the universes.

This authority must be actualizing and blossoming in each personality mind and the burgeoning soul. This authority is your righteousness of living with the responsibility of free will creativity .. to raise your life and existence into the more abundant life everlasting.

This authority opens your vibratory activity into a greater field of receptivity towards the Paradise Father .. His Spirit of Bestowal;  for Gos is the very Life who lives within each moral creature capable of evolutionary progression into completion through the initiation of Universal Citizenship.

Michael of Nebadon

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