Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Universal Protocol is Immaculate

As ye dissolve all obstructions of lesser vibratory expression into the great Ocean of His Emptiness .. by raising upward in vibratory activity all of thine living individual tapestry .. thine field of promise and potentiality .. your perceptions of subjectivity become raised into Truth and Knowledge .. the Absolute is more established in you .. within your field of life. You emerge from out of the cocoon of the womb of the earth mother into a uniquely personalized and individualized permanently established expression of the First and Only Primordial Thought of the Father God.

...and this personal field that you are demonstrating creating in collaboration with the Paradise Bestowal .. it becomes your own salvation as your eternal receptivity is established and reinstated through your living demonstration of mastery of your creative Sevenfold Authority to be accountable and adoring of the Life Gift which is given you; for human beings are designed and created to have a reciprocal spiritual communion and consciousness of the all-permeating One. To precipitate into visible use all that is necessary .. and to etherealize back into his One Pure Light .. all thine visible manifest Substance which no longer serves your purposes and meanings.

Day by day .. gradually .. ye shall be quickened by your faith and trust in the all-pervading who extends into creation .. as the body of creation. Our lasting Vision is established .. for you can perceive now Our purposes and meanings to the evolutionary races.

Contemplation of these virtues .. understanding and knowledge .. counsel and courage .. worship and wisdom .. intuitive visionary awareness .. these are the foundational virtues of the Universe Mother Spirit. These are the basis of our values for humanity. And as you cultivate these .. you shall be preparing the groundwork for My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter to guide and teach you of discernment and dedication .. devotion and desire .. for the One Absolute Purity and His Immaculate Conception .. His One Primordial Thought .. by which all existence has come into manifest visible form and formless reality.

...and this begins with receptivity ... the fertility of mind and heart to hunger for perfection .. for progression of character and personality maturity in the Father's One Primal and Infinite Thought.

I bid thee to come out from the race consciousness of hesitation and doubt .. fear and unworthiness.  To ask for the Universal Protocol of Father Son Spirit in order to erase from within you these aberrations of delusion.

I am Michael of this universe .. Father Son Perfection .. Seamless Garment of the Immaculate Resurrection.

Michael Of Nebadon

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