Monday, October 5, 2015

Knowledge Unfolds by Grace and Mercy

Ye know not the times nor the seasons, beloveds,  nor can you anticipate what another shall say or do. Ever .. is it the free will decisions of humanity to choose the higher thought and to walk the higher ground with us.

It is a valid truth that ye have earthly bodies which act as a limitation upon thine perceptions. I myself know not every choice human beings shall decide upon in their walk into light and life.

Yet .. Although you can actually know so very little of future events and circumstances .. ye do have My knowledge as given to thee. Ye do have our high and holy fellowship that shall equip you with the strengths and insights from above. And as ye transfigure thine darkness .. so shall that darkness and density become an always unfolding wisdom to you. The darkness is still My Body ... and as you embrace all thine misqualifications through Mercy and Grace .. then shall you discover that your Paradise Career is unfolding in good Order and Harmony. 

Then shall you be letting go of the need to have circumstantial events a certain way. Only then shall you surrender your tendencies of the lesser nature towards control and the attempts to escape all fears and doubts. Then shall ye walk in greater freedom and mastery with thine inner personal universes.

I am Michael of this Universe .. Father Son Perfection .. Infinite Word and Everlasting Omnipotence .. the Flame of Resurrection.

Michael Of Nebadon

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