Monday, September 7, 2015

Mine Teachings of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty

I teach humanity of three essential precepts which the Universe Mother Spirit and the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven serve with Me.

1. The growth of character to fertilize and prepare the personality mind to develop the soul, and this soul development is the receptacle for receiving My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as their direct contact in our fellowship, their personal teacher and everlasting guide .. and then, they are more greatly capable of receiving and merging with the Spirit of Paradise Bestowal of the First Source which is the Life and Consciousness and their eternal destination.

As character develops there blossoms in the personality soul and mind a great and permanently lasting renewal of values .. virtues .. verities .. experiential validations .. and eternal and immortal victories.

2. The Infinite Protocol of the Universal Circuits of Infinite Persons of Deity. Righteous living in relationship with these divine circuits of promise and potentiality through the illuminated highways of the Fatherhood Motherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Humanity.

3. The relationship of sonship and daughtership by awakening and refining and empowering the individual’s inner divine authority of free will applied towards the preparations for graduation into immortality. This gradually unfolds through the initiation of the Second Birth of Universe Citizenship.

Together I walk individuals into actualization of these three areas…as each becomes a sovereign being .. illuminated and in a reciprocal spiritual communion and consciousness of their rightful place in the universes.
No longer shall human beings feel the painful effects of orphanhood and abandonment that had become a plague upon the hearts and minds of the kingdoms of the earth.

When ye go about the labors of your day, remember our fellowship here .. stoke the embers of our mutual flame of universal love by placing thine attention and awareness upon thine breathing .. and make the breathing thine entrance into the Omnipresent Selfhood that we share together as One being.

Make your lights so to shine outward in perpetual radiation by Identification with the Primordial Life I AM. Become thou…a presence of the Son of Righteousness and Deliverance.

Let your Presence become holy in mind and body. Deliver thyself from the evils of the day through your cooperative collaboration with Me in thine thoughts and feelings. Hold the vision of faith trust and fellowship with Me; for I surround you in My Spirit, and the Father Mother Life motivates you in every breath and action that you incur. Incur thoughts and feelings that allow you to reap the Kingdom; for all that you sow with thine thinking and feeling must become the living tapestry of thine consciousness. Sow not hatred and animosity .. sow not irresponsibility and denial in thine character.

Grow thine character and consciousness through our three golden rules or precepts of living and entering into the Father’s Kingdom of Unconditional Love.

Remember mine beatitudes, our protocol of the infinite circuits of thy deliverance, and the personal righteousness and authority in your use of the Father’s Life which has bestowed a portion of Himself within thee. Walk then, in thine divine honor and dignity, thine respect and acknowledgement of the One God Source who is filled to overflowing with generosity and mercy for all creatures everywhere.

I am come to attune thee and educate thine personality mind into our sovereignty together…

Michael Of Nebadon

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