Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I AM the Universe Son of Paradise Origin in Service to Thee

Rejoice .. Oh great Embodiments of Mercy. Rejoice. For ye have discovered the way home through the maze of your earth journey. You have prepared thyself over the centuries of lifetimes to receive.  To become thou .. strengthened and developed in thine divine stature as a son and daughter of the Universal One.

Look only to the Lord thine God. He has taken up His residence in you .. and he seeks to evolve your mortal frame into his eternal and everlasting life. And the payment that he requests is your soul devotion .. thine wholehearted determination and dedication to Him. That you cultivate our everlasting values by contemplating our universal virtues - worship .. wisdom .. counsel .. understanding .. knowledge .. courage .. superintuition .. divine perception .. spirit insight.

These are the foundational virtues of every mortal mind and personality soul. These are the virtues of your Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit .. who works with and through the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven. These virtues of the Mother pave the way for the personality mind to evolve itself a soul value which becomes thine living receptacle .. to receive of the Father's Spirit Bestowal in you.

Walk with Me in our Universal Protocol of Infinite Love and Illumination. Walk with Me in the developing nature of your divinity. Walk with Me as you gradually carry the cross of your misqualifications into the illuminated highways of the Parenthood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humanity.

Give to God who lives in you as the Life of you. Give Him your attention and awareness .. your adoration and acceptance .. your acknowledgement and accountability.

Give to the Primordial Father your alignment and allegiance through applying his great law of existence towards your personal imbalances .. your misqualifications from lifetimes of experience.

Give to the One Causeless Cause who beats thine very heart and protects you with His great Law of love and harmony. Give Him your loyalty and allegiance .. your all-consuming love and passionate devotions to build with Him a more abundant life beyond the instability and insecurity of the world of appearance and differentiated separation.

I show thee .. Mine personal approach to raise thine life into His protection and pervading joy.

I AM Michael of this universe .. Father Son perfection .. the living Word of thine fire of resurrection.

Michael Of Nebadon

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