Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Undifferentiated Mindfulness and Bliss

Living in and as the effects of thine misqualifications, beloveds, you are prone to suffer because you were never designed to become the slave to your own misqualifications and effects but you were originally created to master all effects and errors in your journey towards establishing thyself in His stability and security; for it is only as we live in the Cause of our being that we are aligned and in a cooperative collaboration with the Universal Father Source .. and this alignment brings with it bliss and joy, happiness in the doing of His will and the furthering of His Kingdom of Sovereignty and Divine Undifferentiated Supremacy.

Learn to live in His/her unconditional awareness by bringing this consciousness down and into and throughout thine human density and frailties. Extinguish all obstructions to His Kingdom of Light; for it is the ever-advancing infinite power that wishes to expand and fill full every corpuscle of interstellar space .. every individual personality .. every kingdom of every single planetary orb will one day become saturated vibratorily with the Perfect Pattern of Thought .. the Father's Immaculate Conception of Thought Everlasting is the destiny of all beings everywhere.

I hail from the Father Son at the Central Core with this Perfected Pattern and the Living Word of the Son's Glory to extend to each and all who will receive in their efforts to bring His permeation into their life and world...

Michael Of Nebadon 

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