Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thine Ephemeral Nature

Thou Living Ocean of Infinite Mercy .. Unending Intelligence .. thou All-permeating and All-perfecting Primordial Consciousness of the Being looking out from behind the eyes of all beings and creatures .. all animals and elementals .. all sentient and insentient Life which has birthed itself out of thine Substance and into formed expression..

We breathe into our personal field thine Universal Field of Consciousness which is our being .. this great and All-perfecting Christos Universalis I AM.

All divinely existing attributes come out of this One Consciousness of Thee. And yet to remember that even this One Universal Omnipresent Omnipotence that we are has come forth out of the Infinite Persons of the Triune God.

I stretch my mind into the vaster Mind. I breathe into my field the Primordial Substance of our existence. I chant with determination and righteous desire for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation .. the Sacred Fire of the Universe Mother Spirit to come and enter into my human mortal field .. to refine and redeem and quicken all mine Substance of ephemeral mortality into establishing my personal energies in the sovereignty of thine dominion .. Oh Father Mother of us all.

I humbly bow to thine association and I receive thine transformative regeneration. . .

Michael of Nebadon

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