Saturday, July 18, 2015

Universal Citizenship

Our Universe Mother brings to life the minds and hearts of all creatures by tutoring each individual mind in the beatitudes - those values and virtues which fertilize and prepare the mind for receptivity of My Spirit of Truth and for the Father's Bestowal Spirit which cometh soon thereafter. These ongoing efforts of the Mother Divine and Her Spirit Virtues encircuiting each mind into the higher Circuits of Paradise Trinity Endowment .. the Omnipresent Circuits of the Infinite Persons of Existence .. this encircuitry develops in the individual the values of the soul, and it is the soul which blossoms and allows the survival of personality .. of personhood.

The true avenues into thine godhood are to be cultivated by the mind and wrapped within the higher feelings of the heart. In this way we broaden our horizons of consciousness, and we enhance those core eternal values and everlasting virtues which lead the individual into the Second Birth into universal citizenship.

~Michael Of Nebadon

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