Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spiritual Securitization Establishes thine Pure Love and Empowerment

The atonement brings stabilization and a securitization. The atonement is thine entrance into the Father’s Kingdom. This same unfolding atonement is taking place for the individual .. the solar galactic systems .. and our universe. We are working with all the neighboring universes to raise the frequencies of all into the perfected pattern of the Infinite.

A change in mind and growth in thy character. These are your personal work with the Universe Mother Spirit. She has been guiding you from your beginnings just as a Mother of the earth would do. Next comes an understanding of the Spirit Circuits of the Universes. This I have called Paradise Trinity Endowment. These are the avenues which have been extending throughout creation of the Personality Circuits of the Infinite. A fragment of the First Source is living within your own mind.

The Second Source is omnipresent and draws all of the life gradually upward. This Second Source also has Its derivatives .. an aspect of the First and Second Source is the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Mine own Being.

The Third Source extends and personalizes Itself as the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit.

These are the illuminated avenues by which evolutionary progression occurs for all beings as each individualization comes into cooperation and collaboration .. consideration and consistency .. consecration and concentration .. through the inner disciplines of their very own authority and righteousness of character and the rightful use and application of their own Fragment of Life. This I have shared with you .. beloveds .. as the Spirit Endowment of thine Consciousness.

Think of it in these terms ... first Character .. then .. Circuitry .. then Consciousness. Thine character development is mind growth in the eternal perspectives and attitudes of our local universe. I am introducing you to the universal culture of the Mother Spirit and all beings who thrive within our creation. Understanding Circuitry is the understanding of our relationship and acknowledgment of the Infinite Persons of the Source and Center. The Infinite Circuits are akin to the nervous system within your body, the blood flowing systems of your physical vessel. These Circuits are the precise ways and approach of thine progressive evolution.

Finally, I instruct thee in the gradual returning to you of your free will authority and personal empowerments. These empowerments are a new way of living which leads the seeker into a greater aspirancy, and it elevates the aspirant into our association and fellowship .. sovereign discipleship with the Universal Father - the Bestowal Spirit of the First Creative Center and Source who has chosen to come and live within all creatures and beings in the high hopes that all mortal life will freely choose to share their own mortality and personality with the Father Universal.

Thine authority and empowerments are seven in number .. and are intended and designed to be practiced throughout the day and evening. These are Invocation, Instruction, Inquiry, Identification, Invisionment, Impregnation, and Invitation.

...and it is the responsibility of each individual who desires to progress further to become an adept of these authorities of free will. 

Michael of Nebadon

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