Friday, July 10, 2015

Deity Absolute

Our Universal Virtues build a long-lasting righteousness and respect for every Individualization of the Source.

Cultivating our virtues such as courage and consideration .. understanding and knowledge .. wisdom and worship .. selflessness and service .. these are yet a few of our Universe Virtues establishing right and higher Values. Values create cooperation and collaboration with Us. Values that are eternally designed grow character and unfold consciousness. Values fertilize the soil of the heart and mind in the personalities of our Universe. Values .. Virtues .. Open the reception towards Everlasting Verities .. the Absolute Truths .. the Great Laws which turn each planetary orb perfectly upon their axis while hanging uninterrupted in outer space.

The Verities allow a concentration and consecration .. while maturing mind into higher considerations and meanings .. purposes eternal and progressively advanced. The Verities create .. living in the Verities .. creates your Validations of direct inner experience and personality authorities .. powers .. rights awakened and activated .. and capabilities strengthened.

These Validations are the unfolding living tapestry of expression and quickening experience that mature the individual .. the children of God .. into His and Her .. Sons and Daughters.

These Beatitudes are integral in actualizing Victory .. the Vision of the One Deity Absolute .. and our living attainment into the Second Birth of Universe Citizenship.

Michael of Nebadon

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