Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thy Kingdom Inheritance is Overflowing

The Kingdom of Heaven .. it's entrance .. begins gently and peacefully with a change in the ways that you image thyself .. the ways you perceive thyself determine how ye shall perceive all others.

The Kingdom of Heaven cometh through right perception of mind and righteousness of thine character. These are the fertile powers that elevate and emancipate thine human mortal thinking mind into the One Mind that knows itself directly .. absolutely .. and resides beyond the unstable projections of relativity and the deathly opposites.

Awaken thou .. beloveds of Mind One Heart and Mind. Ye are worthy to enter into Our mutuality .. Our shared Kingdom of Brotherhood Indestructible .. of Sisterhood Sovereignty.

Adjust thine perceptions. Alter thine ways of perceiving just now. Take the great indefatigable leap of faith vision trust into the arms of the Immaculate Conception .. for this is the way that I see you each.

The Supremacy of God beckons thee to participate with Me. He blesses thine efforts to find the worthiness and courage .. the wisdom and understanding .. the strength and constancy to walk with Us into thine destiny .. thine heritage .. thine ever flowing inheritance which will not corrupt and decay .. nor shall thine attainments become brittle and filed with the dirt and dust of time and space.

Thine everlasting accomplishments shall not fade nor will thine efforts become the food of futility .. as the deadened works of the lesser bodily nature and imagery. Thine attainments shall become a growing new accumulated momentum of such utter joys and happiness; to be fulfilling the ineffable law of the Creative Word .. and to be preparing thine soul soil to receive the Father in His Kingdom of all righteousness and honor .. dignity and power .. purity and intelligence.

I AM the Michael of this universe. I am your father and friend .. thine brother and Selfhood divine. Enter within .. with Me.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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