Friday, June 26, 2015

Thine own Son of God shall Blossom Always

I say unto thee with the heart willing to surrender and the mind wanting to sacrifice all things created by thine imperfect mind... to become actualized into the Christhood of the Universes .. ye are required to give it thine all.

It is to desire with all thine mind and heart and body to dissolve the lesser frequencies of the son of man, so that the Son of God may manifest Himself as thine very Selfhood. Ye must righteously apply thine power of Invocation to amplify and make real the Christ Supremacy I AM within thine consciousness. No longer shall ye have the privilege of identifying loyalty to the human bodily nature, but ye must take that greater leap in faith to know even under blindedness which the human mind seeks to perpetuate in all humans .. that God is One Power and Presence everywhere .. even as thine very Godhood. Negotiate not with thine lesser illusory nature and those lesser impulses which would seek to have you do the will of the body. Become thou in good faith and the illustrious trustfulness of the Son of God .. this ever-potent Consciousness and Force, and in this ye must seek to offer up and give thineself to the Paradise Father who resides within thee as thine very Life and Consciousness. 

~Christ Michael Of Nebadon

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