Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Infinite Force of the Universal Father Son Spirit

It is My hope and desire that each of you .. take the reins of your Spirit Endowment of Consciousness and give yourself to the raising of your mortal frame into the immortal and ascended order of being.

To manifest the Majesty of Love all throughout your sphere of influence .. your human.

As you each make the required effort .. then humanity may follow suit... once they see your changes. You must be the wayshower in your sphere of influence with all others.

In this way.. I work together with you .. as One Heart and One Mind .. One Living Impulse.

Most of humanity is caught within the density of their own creating .. and so .. they have already mostly used up their free will to erroneously create a materialization in their consciousness rather than a spiritualization.

That materializing influence erroneously manufactured by human beings .. causes tremendous lethargy and an opposing momentum which cannot be changed by the person without Our help. You .. each one of you blessed ones .. have been more true to our ideal throughout the centuries of your lifetimes. It is quite an amazing feat that you have continued to pursue truth justice and righteousness for thyself.

Your divine and eternal association with Us is to become built and developed gradually over time and space. Through thine day to day living faith in the unseen and infinite Force of the Father .. you begin to alchemicalize your vibratory consciousness. You begin to reap Our Ideal .. weaving gently Our Substance into your field of energy.

I bid thee strength and courage to persevere in your progressive ascent unto the Father.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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