Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Partake of Mine Purity in the Universal Father

How shall the son of man receive directly from Me?

How shall ye partake of the living scriptures that I am laying before thee without thine personality mind filters reinterpreting My words?

I tell thee. Beloveds .. ye must adhere to fulfill the great law of transfiguration and of redemption.

Ye must become thou honorable by bequeath in thy lesser nature to the Father.

Ye must stand with vigilance and discernment .. checking upon thine very own impulses which ye are motivated by. Are these impulses coming from the high and clear place of pure sightedness ... or doth ye become hypnotized by the impulses from the senses and the body mind which knoweth not the way home.

I tell thee My beloveds .. thine human mind and bodily senses are to be thine lamb whereby you become the Shepherds of thine own attainment into Life Everlasting.

I Michael .. do stand with you art every curve and always through each turn of thine journey.

Michael of Nebadon

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