Thursday, June 25, 2015

Humanity .. Oh that Humanity of Mine Being

Humanity has its challenges ahead. Thine race and civilization simply cannot resolve its problems from the perspectives it holds, the understandings it attempts to outplay.

All that has not been hand-crafted .. created by the Eternal Father .. shall become antiquated and futility will set in. Thine economic and political systems are all backward and corrupt. Thine religions make a mockery out of the pure and simple generosity and love of the Father Universal.

Be ahead of the 'curve' of stagnant humanity. Enter into our eternal fellowship together and I shall lift you into the realms of greater evolutionary perfection and purity; for I am the One given Life by which I extend this Life to each of you .. to each of thine kingdoms of life living and growing within the orb of the planetary civilization.

I am the giver of thine Life and Existence through the Father Source Son and Spirit. It is mine own responsibility to nurture and foster the Life which belongs to the Father Source and is bestowed upon the souls and minds of human beings for their own entrance into the Kingdom of His Righteousness and Honor.

Behold, I make all things new once again. As ye adhere to Mine Principles and the Everlasting Precepts of the Paradise Core, only then shall ye find thine stars arising in the heavens, and the avenues of thine personal entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven shall be as a great Light and Life shining outward unto all the Body We are.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon

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