Monday, June 15, 2015

His Gentle Sweetness Shall Disencumber Thee

Attempt not to negotiate with an evil mind that is intent upon its overly subjective perspectives; for ye shall end up feeding to it the pure Life of the Father residing in you .. growing that evil with the goodness and beauty of thine own attainments.

Allow all the variations of all peoples and every point of view to exist exactly as it determines itself to be. Allow each to come to their own conclusions .. bitter or sweet may they be.

Wrestle not with those who are convinced of their own malaise and misunderstood perspectives. Feed not thine good fortunes of the Father's grace into the darkness .. lest you grow that darkness by making it real with thine acceptance and adorations.

I come to do the bidding of the Infinite Persons of the Paradise Trinity. Only those who have the requisite faith and trust and purity as a child shall gravitate to mine person at this time.

Meanwhile .. make good and righteous use of mine precepts by which ye shall carry thyself into the arms of the Spirit of Bestowal.

Michael of Nebadon

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