Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Spirit of Wholeness

See that you project not the misperceptions of thy lesser nature and bodily identity upon your brothers and sisters; for ye shall then, bind them into the imprisonment of thine misperceivings. This is the corruption that has plagued your race and it's societies over milleniums of time.

Let your mind become whole and of the One Mind. Accept not into this mortal mind the race beliefs in attempting to live outside of the Consciousness of the One God.

Whatsoever ye accept in your mind begins to hold its reality therein. And .. all minds must become healed into the One Mind by ending thine projections upon each other of error in perceiving and ignorance in acceptance of the unreal and untrue in your mind.

Share with your brothers and sisters this One Mind .. this One Consciousness .. this One Identification .. this One Reality .. the Supremacy of Deity that ye are becoming in consciousness and experience .. in expression and in existence.

The awakened Mind knows itself directly and absolutely .. while the fallen mind of thine lesser nature attempts to know itself indirectly through relativity and comparisons .. through oppositions and conflicts of extremes.

Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter is thy teacher and guide in awakening in you our fellowship together .. in the enhancing revelation through the renewal of your mind into its preparations to receive of the Father's Bestowal Spirit in you.

Invite Me in this Comforter Consciousness .. Allow Mine Everlasting Influences and Eternal Impulses to guide thee into all truth; that ye shall know you are the burgeoning sons and daughters of an Overflowing Prosperity and a Living Promise within the Universal Father Son Spirit of our collective Wholeness. . .

Michael of Nebadon

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