Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Verily, All things Come Forth from Thought

Verily, all things appearing in the manifest appearance are as bubbles emerging out from the Ocean of the Undifferentiated Absolute .. the Ocean of Immaculate Unconditioned Potentiality. Through Thought this perfect Primordial Substance becometh things that are seen and heard, tasted and touched by individuals. Thought is everything and everywhere in both the hidden intangible state of being, and the tangible visible appearances. Yet, the Undifferentiated Absolute Thought may become differentiated through the application of intensified Thought focused into thy blueprint. Now in time and space, does it take ‘time’ to become manifest form. Time and focused attention .. focalization and attention to bring forth the immaculate potentiality into actuality; this being true for both thine attainments in consciousness and thine mastery of the matter .. into materialization.

It is not through thoughts of the intellect that these things become made visible from out of the Ocean of Potentiality; yet it is through harnessing and germinating out of the immaculate ethers that the Father’s Thought becometh visible matter made manifest for thine use. By having love doth ye impart certain properties to matter that cause it to do thine bidding into its fructifications and germinations. Thought and Love are two separate essences that when combined have the power to becometh thine things to use.

Thought is not Love until it manifesteth Itself constructively and for goodly purpose. Love is the Father’s Thought then, constructively manifesting into thine sight and feel. Thought emerges outward, it goeth outward with intent to know Itself .. to gain a Self-awareness of sorts of Itself, just as each personality soul is undergoing this very same unfoldment. Thought createth a condition, and in Its interaction with ether .. the Unformed Absolute and Undifferentiated Immaculate One, it discovereth itself, gaining a knowledge of itself for greater purpose in service to the Whole Thought. In this does Thought yearn to emerge and know Itself that an effect .. a result .. a usefulness cometh forth.

I did say unto the wheat, using my power which is of the essence of all things primordial .. accelerate thine unfoldment thou wheat .. I loved the bread and did impart at that very time mine own powers of increase emanating from mine Selfhood .. of the One. And the multitude did eat of Mine creation thinking it to be bread that was grown from the land, yet it be Mine Thought that was eaten by them. I eliminated time and space in this venture upon the hillsides. I stirred the ethers of divine Substance with the power of Mine Thought which is Mine Being at one with the Father .. and I brought forth an increase of those wheat seeds into manifest reality. Mine Thought served Its greater purpose at that time.

Ye shall do the exact same mastery when ye have mastered completely the precept of creative power and creative Love in expression .. which goes out from its creative originating point to be conducted into constructive endeavors for the blessing of all. As ye grow in Love do ye grow in thine stature; verily it is the truth that I share with thee beloveds. Ye do take this all-permeating etheric Substance and transform it, giving yourselves the sustenance desired and necessary for thine benevolence.
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​Michael Of Nebadon​ 

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