Monday, May 18, 2015

Universe Citizenship

Always and forever is the inner doorway open to those who are willing to walk in the front gate. Thine walk must become imbued with a pure character which does understand Mine way and truth and life; this is the way of the Father Son Spirit who have paved thine way with eternal jewels of Honesty .. Charity .. and Goodwill.

Mine way is to become born once again in their mind .. first, ye must apprise thyself of thine intellectual emancipation from worn out concepts and shallow ideals having no foundation in Our reality.

Second, unless one is born again by their faithful determination and Holy desire to attain to truth and love .. they cannot even find this doorway of which I speak; for a mind willing and a heart open with reception to the circuits of Life Everlasting shall carry you into My Father's Kingdom of Mercy and Goodness.

Lastly, unless one abides by the prerequisites of His Will by fulfillment of His law of accountability and cooperation .. they shall not become born once again into the Kingdom.

Become born then .. of the water of the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit to wash thineself clean for reception of the Father's Spirit. Birth thineself in the Living Water of the Mother and the Host .. and raise thyself through the Spirit of the Father who has taken up His residence in thy mind.

For all which has been born of the world and it's flesh .. is of the flesh, and yet .. that which is born of the Spirit is truly spirit; for the Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of Receptivity is made with perfect Hands that are Holy and Just.

With this way into the truth of thine sonship with the Father God .. shall ye become His Individualization and personalization beyond the agonies of degeneration and unfortunate death. For the wind blows where it desires by the Hand of the almighty force of His love, and you may hear the sound of it, but ye cannot tell of whence and where it has come.

Such is His way .. for ye have come into the world created by Truth and Love .. and ye shall arise and leave the world in His same fashion. For ye knoweth not from whence ye have come .. what purpose is thine to fulfill here and now .. and where ye are going once leaving this world and it's heavy curriculum of educating souls for their Second Birth into Universe Citizenship.

For God Himself comes down into the world .. a portion of Himself .. His Spirit .. taking up residence in all who have the moral capacity to advance themselves beyond the shadows and effects of living. He waits and offers His Pure Spirit as a Solution to every ailment and illness which mankind coerces upon their nature...

Michael of Nebadon

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