Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thine Integrating Power of Giving Unconditional Love and Mercy to all Others

Be thou a giver of all things. Divest from out of thine human nature and divine essence all that which ye can give to another; for as ye give even unto the smallest and ‘insignificant’ creature, ye have given unto Me.

All minds are one Mind. All hearts are of the One Heart of Supremacy.

As ye understand what is required to fulfill the great law of His Life .. and as ye work towards becoming the good shepherd .. the One who is the Self Directive Governing I AM that I AM, then are ye considered to be true believers of the One Power and Presence.

Then, do ye love Me — for I and the Father Son Spirit are One Thought, One Word, and One Act Immaculate. None do come to the Father but those who enter into the gateway given by the Son and Spirit and their divine Personalizations.

Give good measure even unto the ones who would conspire to rend ye, but do not say unto them, “thine rending…thine attempts at disintegration and disunification .. these have thine sweetness in them.” For verily have I not said unto the world, “Come all ye who are righteous in character and intent, who hold the promise within their hearts of better days. Come unto Me, leave thine folly and thine trite superficialities to the unrighteous and immature. Bother not with those who would steer you into the projections of their own ignorance and arrogance; for they abound within this civilization, yet, there is no power with them. They walk and talk as the living breathing dead and dying ones who have not the will to love the Father God who hath given to them all things great, even immeasurable for the morrow.

Give thine acknowledgment and appreciation to the Bestowal Spirit of Life which dwells within thine deeper space. This is thine true Selfhood and this Life of the Father is thine burgeoning Godhood unfurled by thine efforts and strivings, by thine applications of Our precepts and divine principles of faith, trust, goodness, truth, and beauty.

I come that ye may awaken and walk upright into the greater Life with the Father God; for He alone is thine salvation once ye have molded from out of thine mind, personality, and character .. a healthy and devout receptivity to Him.

Give thine love and patience, thine listening heart and unconditional mindedness to those in your family, friends, and colleagues of the world. Give thou beloveds, and ye shall find that the Life of the Father gives in you, through you, for you, by you, and .. as You.
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

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