Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Majesty of Love in Mine Father's Kingdom

As ye transfigure the imbalances of thy personal mind and it's subjective consciousness and bodily identification .. then doth ye arise into the Universal One in His power and grace .. His mercy and wisdom cometh to the aspirant of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

...and through righteousness of character, ye are made receptive into His Mind. By thine discipleship with the Bestowal Spirit of the Father .. and thine righteousness of His gift of Life .. thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness and Life .. then are ye made ready to progress beyond the earthly terrain .. and its curriculum of learning through negativity, pain, deprivation, and sufferings of all kinds.

...for in the immortal realms of Life .. all growth occurs through service and constructively qualified momentums of creative expression and worship.

Ye are free to roam our local universe .. ye have become established in Him .. thine survival as a personalization of the Supremacy of God flourishes into greater .. and still greater and more illuminated refinements and transmutation endless;

for in My Father's House are virtually an endless panorama .. and an unending joy and love for the Source of thine existence .. and the Creator of thine Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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