Monday, May 4, 2015

The Kingdom is of the Universal Father

The Kingdom is neither here nor there .. within nor without. That is the point of identification from the body in perceiving the Kingdom as a separate reality. It is more so an underlying reality and the very foundation of everything and everyone . . .

The Kingdom is thine Life Consciousness .. thine existence and Source .. the Kingdom is the most subtle of all things .. yet it permeates everything.

The Kingdom is the Ocean out of which all Waves do emanate. We are One together is sharing the Kingdom. You are Me and I AM You.

Yet .. the Kingdom must be achieved in consciousness from the individual seeker of reality.

The Kingdom is achieved by the removal of all frequencies that are obstructions in their density. And this said Kingdom is an Infinite Reality .. so you are Infinitely accessing His Glory and Life Consciousness as you go forward and erase the misqualified frequencies in your personal consciousness.

Then a more direct and pure relationship develops with this Kingdom .. which is another way of saying .. with the Father; for He Is the Kingdom .. and as ye enter only to the Kingdom of the Father's Beingness .. you become entwined and encircuited into the Paradise Trinity Endowment .. through thine righteousness in character and personality choice .. free will and adherence with His way of functioning and operating. These are His Sovereign Laws which create in the creation Harmony and Order. These Everlasting Virtues are maintained by Us who are His Personalization .. Individualized Expressions of the One Deity who have entered into time space creation .. having initiated this Universal civilization in and as the Order of Michael and the Order of the Infinite Mother Spirit.

You are the Kingdom of God expressing even now. Just allow cooperation and collaborate with the Infinite Intelligence that is the Source and Director of existence.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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