Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quickening all things into His Security and Stability

First and foremost .. be the beloved One .. in thine recognition of the Paradise Father. Spend time each day in a space uninterrupted by disruption nor distraction. Breathe deeply. Focus thine attention into the Spirit of the Father's Bestowal of His Consciousness and Life directly in your own mind.

Breathe with deliberate intentions to give to this presiding Life all your acknowledgement and allegiance. Let your all-consuming adoration and passions become directed to the Fatherhood of God.

Hold Him in the sacredness of your mind and heart. Give .. in this purity of worship. Ask not. Give to Him. Give Him your appreciation and applications. Give Him thine loyalty and alignment of your heart and mind .. your cooperation and concentration .. your desire to share .. everything .. both pleasant and unpleasant .. with this Spirit Endowment of Consciousness .. of the Father's Spirit Bestowal.

Raise and carry in the transfiguration all your misqualifications into the Illuminated Cross of His Remembrance. Let His Consciousness saturate everything in you .. taking full and complete control through His transmutation activities.

... for it becometh thine happiness and harmony to learn to fulfill His Law of Redemption .. carrying all portions of thine transgressions into this Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness.

...and in this way and truth shall ye establish His security and stability in your existence. The fulfillment of the law aligns your personal interest and human agenda with the eternal agenda and purpose .. the everlasting attitudes and divine meanings for life.

You become His Individualization even as ye walk within thine mortal framework of human living .. awaiting upon that momentary disappearance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon

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