Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Edict and One Preceptual Set of Instructions

Become thou .. seekers and aspirants of the Being behind all beings .. bold and courageous in confronting every obstruction which stands in the way of thine Eternal Mastery and Immortal Freedom.

I come not to create followers of Me .. yet to ignite thine hearts and minds so that ye claim thine godhood mastery .. thine Infinite inheritance which I am to hold for Thee until you have prepared a place to receive it.

For I venture and intend to have you become ignited with the purest of the pure .. the Immaculate Conception and Consciousness of the all-permeating Kingdom of the Father.

To enter into the Father's Kingdom of His Immaculate Conception .. ye must approach the Son .. this is the One Son .. the Christos Universal .. the Supreme God of time and space who you become as you we'd and fuse with the portion of the Paradise Father who is your true identity and divine nature.

And this Achievement is accomplished first by fulfillment of the law of cause and effect. Then are ye capable of living in Him .. and acting in accordance with His Will and Intent.

For the Father has mandated one thing ... "that ye perfect thyself, even as He."

He has given this One Edict to all the universes.

One Edict and One set of Precepts to follow .. allowing each personality to grow and expand into the fullness of their potential as His Sons and daughters .. His Personalization .. His Individualization .. within time and space creation.

And this is to become born again by the Hand of the Infinite Spirit Mother through the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven.

Christ Michael

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