Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mine Comforter Spirit

John asks Michael of Nebadon: What should we be looking to gather and gain from entering into the Kingdom?

Michael of Nebadon: Character growth and the ever maturing evolutionary heightened perspectives in your sensitivity .. sincerity .. sacrifice .. surrender .. selflessness .. and silent service.

The divine evolutionary virtues and values prepare the groundwork to receive of the verities .. the Eternal verities .. the everlasting eternal perspectives and attitudes .. insights of the quiet movement of the expansion of God's Kingdom moving in and through all activities .. cooperation and the inner consecration to give thyself deeply and concertedly to Him.

He/She .. is an infinite Person .. so you can be in actual reciprocal consciously awakened spiritual communion and ongoing deepening relationship with Him .. through entering into this faith based relating .. this faith vision of the mind of the believer.

I breathe .. I gather my attention and faith filled focus first to His Spirit Force of Intelligence directly in my own mind and heart. I experience that it is not attempting to have 'spiritual experiences' which take you away from thyself .. but it is in bringing down into your human mortal existence .. the experience of deeply embedded loving faithful trust and a cooperative attunement .. yet your true evolutionary changes and maturing spill over into these true spiritual experiences .. opening you to .. gain a great maturing enhancement of your personal intuitive faith vision and Spirit perception in mind and heart .. a refinement and growing upwards of character .. reflected in your choices and decisions .. helping you to become wiser and more matured as a personality and in thine soul ... a vividly marked and obvious divine insight into perceiving more deeply the underlying basis of His presence in and as all creatures and things .. and a deep trust and cooperative consolidation of the force of your life into experiencing his watchcare and ever guiding Hand in all things .. this ye shall come to perceive and experience as you enter His invisioning unfolding Kingdom of Consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon

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