Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thine Perfect Pattern Hails from the Fountainhead

Now, for the betterment of thine discernment do I speak unto thee of things greatly esoteric and unknown by the humankind.
The nameless Substance of 'God’ dwells veritably .. everywhere at the same time. It waits upon the individual to command Itself into usefulness through the individuals approximation of intent and desire to maketh a pattern of perfection our from Its intelligence .. its intellect which is coupled with feelings divine ... Love is this One Power and Force which does unify all particles of the all-permeating substance divine, and does indeed bring it forth, sustaining it at times; for in the eternal octaves, all things set into motion are by this Love, and the spirit personalities and intelligences that do His bidding are bound to their own creations; for these things are an expressing... of their inner impressions sent forth to serve the greater plan of salvation and sustenance.
As ye love with thine emotions and thoughts, focusing that loving feeling to another one, ye are expending thine emotions and thine thought upon another, making them to feel similar of kind, and impressing upon that other, creating within them an emotional essence to be experienced and beheld. As ye cause another to grow in their emotional stature by adding thine vibrations unto their own, then, a sort of emotionalism is gathered and brought forth, felt, and nurtured.
Just as with the mustard seed which becometh a mighty tree in manifest form with beauty, yet the tree is confined and held within the seed. Men and women then add their humanity to that seed .. their earthly elements .. in specific quantities and portions; and this causeth the seed to flower into its actualization. Its potential hidden becometh a participant in the seen and the heard manifest reality.
It is such that the elements have been brought forth into a coagulation, and in this certain cooperative collaboration, these things do create a tree from seed, and air, and earth, and water. All participate in the creation of the manifest reality. Thus, are ye learning to cooperatively collaborate with the all-permeating One by making good use of thine Endowment of Consciousness .. thine authority and rights and powers and capabilities are called forth into greater use for the benevolence of the Whole Being.
...and this tiny mustard seed which is patiently awaiting its birth into greater usefulness, is fulfilled due to its inherent nature becoming potentialized and actualized into service.
In this very same way beloveds, do ye give of thine love, and love manifesteth for thee. Ye have created love wherein there was no love before. Ye have filled that portion of the space with the Kingdom of the Father's Consciousness. For not a thing groweth of itself throughout creation. All is a manifest of efforts and foci, of attentions and awareness, of giving and sharing. No physical thing groweth of itself, or is produced of itself; there is only the desire in righteousness and alignment brought forth and sprinkled with the divine dust of our pure intention and the sharing of our essence in Love and Merciful demonstrations.
Hence, I do come into thine realm to do the same as bringing forth that potentiality of the seed in thee. I add the Father's Love, and I bear witness in Myself to His Immaculate Conceivings in Perfect Pattern which hails from Source; so that all life and every creature becometh what it is intended and meant to be in perfection and through precept. Thine increase cometh in time, and as according to thine choices and decisions which shape thine existence into the intended destiny of thy actualizing godhood.
Ye are His Thought becoming ripened by Love and the Spirit Endowment of thine Consciousness .. its righteousness through virtue and value, meaning and purpose, are ye fructified into Life Everlasting.
I AM the Gardener who cometh into thine garden of mortality to make fertile the soil of thine mind, thine personality, thine soul; that ye are made receptive to drink of Mine Water of Life as given to Me by the Fountainhead of all Intelligences. That ye are made to turn thine attention upward to receive the rays of the Son, in that ye becometh blossomed into the divine flowers of all accomplishment.

Michael Of Nebadon

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