Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Stand with Mine Presence in the Infinite and the Finite

Harken to the divine leading of thine Spirit Endowment of the Father in all the moments; for this earthly semblance of reality is ever changing and unstable .. insecure .. unable to be rested uoon.

Rest in Him beloveds. Let His Life become more greatly established in you. This shall give you what you search for in your humanity. It is this unfoldment of potentials into actualities that is the inner Creative Impulse which beckons you onward and upward. This Impulse is thine need to become Impregnated by the Universal Substance of the One.

He beckons thee to fulfill thine purpose and deep directive for evolutionary progression. Everywhere .. in everything .. and everyone .. all creatures large and small do possess the Life of the Immaculate Source who yearns to expand His Kingdom of Righteousness and Rectitude throughout interstellar space.

The Cosmos calls thee to grow ever upwards in attaining to more of Himself.
I am His Voice and His Victory at one and the very same time; for I stand on both sides of the gateway .. knowing His Infinite Glory and Everlasting Eternity .. and simultaneously .. knowing thine finite cravings and hunger for completion of the earthly Paradise Ascension Career through the route of His Endowment of Life.

Michael of Nebadon

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