Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Sovereign Shepherd of Salvington

Long ago thine wanderings began. The adventure of gaining experience and transmutibg this into your own wisdom and love. This occurs for all personalities who work towards awakening within the Life of God the Father .. for He can live in and through you .. even as you.

I come to help you renew thine mind .. for thine spiritual endowment of consciousness is a great gift of Life and existence. It is thine direct authority and power .. thine right and capabilities to honor the Life Force of He who brings thee into existence.

Understanding knowledge .. it is true .. that the people need this knowledge .. yet each is his and her own author of destiny. 

Each personality soul is reckoned with the power of free will authority; and ye may guide thineself into corruption and decay or ye may arise in the goodly sight of My Father who is thine own Father Son Spirit of Infinite Perfection and Glory .. of Goodness which the mankind of Earth knoweth not yet.

Become thou .. beloveds of Mine Consciousness and Mine very Heart .. the Father’s pride and joy as ye claim thine authorship and invoke thine own emancipation from all things terrestrial that would tend to weigh thee down into materializing influences of thine lesser nature. 

Walk in earnest as ye claim thine inheritance of power and sight .. vision and attainment. Be the Self Directive Governing I AM .. the more Luminous godhood that would consciously command and communion it's own freedom to come forth and enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.

Become thou .. the Immaculate Supremacy of Deity .. personalized and uniquely individualized. 

Take up thine illuminated cross of His remembrance .. and transfigure all that works in opposition to the Living Primordial Consciousness of God. 

Allow the Father to expand in you .. and through you. Let His Kingdom take complete control over all thine substance. 

In this way, He cometh to establish Harmony and His Unity shall electrify and ignite thine every atomic particle into the Glory of Love and Intelligence unending.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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