Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walk with Me into Thine Actualization in the Kingdom of God

I with the Universe Mother and the Planetary Host have designed a platform here in this world for you to begin more in earnest thine walk into the Kingdom of Heaven with Us.

To prepare thine entrance into the Kingdom, ye are called to evolve thine intellectual understanding of Our precepts as given to My disciples and apostles in times past.

In these modern times I give to you this intellectual emancipation from ages of misunderstanding and misdirection. It is the prerequisite to begin thine walk with Me in earnest and actualization.

Walk with Me in embracing the Paradise Trinity Endowment of God reaching outward to humanity, and each human being doing their part in the righteous use of thine Spirit Endowment of His Consciousness bestowed upon thee.

This is the Illuminated Cross of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Humanity. Mine way and truth does bring each human being - personality and soul - into their rightful authority and powers as a child of the Father blossoming into His Individualization of Sonship and Daughtership.

...and ye must walk within the Stations of the Cross which I share with you as the Stations of His Remembrance.

Come thou my children into My Pastures of Consciousness. Seek to fulfill the law so that ye may live His will and Plan for thine life and world. Walk together with I and the Blessed Omnipresent Mother of this Universe. Invite Us into thine hearts and minds .. that ye receive the Waters of Our Benediction. Hence, shall ye prepare thineself to become cleansed of all preconceptions and predetermined opinions of Mine life and mission.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon

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