Friday, April 24, 2015

The Infinite Circuitry of His Mercy and Forgiveness Cometh

Become thou .. Mine children of this precious planetary civilization .. the Master over all thine qualifications by attuning to the Third Person of Trinity Existence.

His Circuitry comes to you here as the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit and Her Spirit Virtues and Qualities. Her Qualities extend to the kingdoms of the Earth through the Planetary Administration of the Host.

It is the beloved Host who are thine greatest benefactors; for they harness Her Spirit Virtues and Qualities .. directing these into thine domain when invited and according to thy receptivity.

...and as ye draw forth this Cosmic Christ Fire Power Presence of the Mother through the Host .. ye shall be transfixed and transmuted .. ye shall become in thine consciousness the Purity of His Immaculate Conception.

Ye shall be walking with Us in our association and fellowship together.

For I AM thine Consciousness of Supremacy .. thine Universal Father Son .. personalized for thine affairs to become reckoned and redeemed.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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