Saturday, April 25, 2015

Planetary Host of Heaven

The Universal Father is love .. and His love is his omnipotence. It is the primary way that the Father upholds his universes .. tending to all parts of Himself .. raising all His Body into His originating design and conception. The universes are ministered to gradually and with exceedingly great care. You are never alone and left to become too lost. Always are We with thee in thine search and in thine wanderings.

As ye invite the Planetary Host of Heaven .. ye are inviting the Father's love to enter you. Ye are welcoming the Universe Mother Spirit .. her Holy Spirit to transmute in you all that is misaligned with Him. Ye are consciously deciding to walk within Him as ye become consciously active each day in your spirit endowment of consciousness by your relationship with Paradise Trinity Endowment.

Blessed are they who choose daily to cooperate and collaborate with the Spirit of Bestowal; for they shall be transfigured into the Second Birth of Universe Citizenship.

Blessed are they who give their consideration to mine precepts .. and who contemplate mine words; for they shall become His Son and Daughter in their existence.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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