Monday, April 13, 2015

Perseverance Over the Milleniums

I sayeth unto those who have bred a genuine sincerity in their minds .. who yearn in their hearts to know of My original teachings as given to My disciples in the days of Galilee.

My mission is for this .. I have come again into thine midst to reignite thine strength in perseverance of our Ideal.

I gather into Mine pure green Pasture of Consciousness the truly admirable seekers of the Father; they who shall partake of Mine Bread .. who will eat of Mine Body Divine .. they who have the growth of their own inner resolve and resources to partake of Me.

For all things are yet One Substance of the Central Source and Divine Core. It is given to Me from this Divine Core to be the Vine whereupon all branches .. and all fruitful grapes of thine personalities are given thine Sustenance and Life .. that ye may ripen .. that one day ye shall be harvested and brought into the House of the Lord God Our Father.

Judge Me not for the unpretentious way that I have entered into thine evolutionary journey within the career of earth. I gather the seeker who is ready after centuries of their personal aspirations of Our way .. Our truth .. and Our life. They who have the wherewithal to follow their own Immaculate determinations. They who hold the dedication of single minded surrender. They who are devoted to their own freedom and mastery from every earthly distraction .. much of which has been set into manifestation by human rebellious consciousness over the milleniums.

Those who 'think they already know of Me and My way' .. these shall be allowed to persevere down their self appointed misunderstood trajectories. They must learn the hard and sharp way of the little opinions and arrogance of the race. They must decide over time with whom they shall follow.

As for those who are ready to come forth out from the downward perpetual spiral of the human unconsciousness . . .

I AM offering you clarification and illumination .. so that thine understanding of Mine Precepts is made clear to you .. for your advancements into the Second Birth of the Kingdom.

Thine vision of Our Ideal is the illuminating byways to that freedom. Thine Spirit Endowment of Consciousness and Life has a righteous use which shall set thee on a course of fulfillment and happiness.

Our precepts bring about transformation untold for those willing to place their faith in its application of thine free will. In this way of Ours .. ye shall enter into the holy grail of eternity.

The Kingdom of the Father requires adherence to His Law. None can escape the workings of His Law.
Thine entrance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy require you to give .. not to take.

The giving of your time, effort, energies, attentions, allegiance and adoration for the One Father God. He is the unchanging Absolute that ye must build thine consciousness upon.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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