Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thine Eternal Destiny Beckons Thee

Perceive the wisps of temporary thoughts arising in mind. Observe the currents of subtle feelings which reoccur in you.

These are the illusory identifications preventing stability and security from establishing itself in thee.

Place thine heartfelt and mindful thought attention and focus upon the unchanging all-permeating nameless indescribable One.

Do this in My name and in collaboration with Me. I do dwell within you and surrounding you in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter.

Build the powerhouse of thine faith trust in the Father Principle. Give to Him thine respect and remembrance. Relationship with Him brings redemption by your adherence to law.

...for as ye have sown a vibratory field within the tapestry of thine soul .. so must ye reap thine sowings. So must you command that every weed and misqualified vibration become transfigured back into the Immortal and Immaculate Conception.

This is thine destiny my children...

Michael of Nebadon

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